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It all starts with the ultimate problem to be solved – patient convenience.  Dr. John Warford has been a practicing Orthodontist in Bismarck, North Dakota for over 18 years, when he began reflecting on the patient experience beyond smile creation.

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For those that don’t know, North Dakota is a big state.  Around 70,000 square miles big.  This means long trips for patients, and in some cases, over 150 miles each way.  Even with the delivery of quality orthodontic care, he pontificated; is the patient experience optimal if they have to refill the gas tank every time they need to get to the office and back? (Fun fact: 41% of North Dakota new car purchases are pickup trucks) Finally, when Dr. John had a new patient drive across the state for an examination just to have him take a look, he became determined to find another way while maintaining the same level of care his community had come to expect.  

And so began the virtual journey, where Dr. John started his exploration towards the goal of maintaining beautiful Orthodontic finishes and patient convenience, but there was one fly in the ointment: Dr. John uses aligners almost exclusively in his practice.  As any practicing Orthodontist or Dentist knows, Aligners require patient compliance, and even if you have a world class treatment plan, it can be compromised when the patient doesn’t wear their trays.  This prompted a new solution – AI assisted remote treatment that communicates with the patient based on Dr. John’s unique treatment preferences.  

This was a great solution on paper, but there is always the aspect of deployment that riddles a good plan.  Over the next couple of years, Dr. John migrated from early adopter to proficient to becoming “a fully operational battle station” with his in-office workflow and virtual patient management systems.  There were hours of onboardings, try-storming sessions and failures of processes, technology updates/glitches, hundreds of learning cycles, all while pressing on the nerves of his team.  Despite the obstacles and the pain, after 2.5 years, he had created a place where his patients could receive a beautiful smile transformation while giving them their time back – one of the first offices of its kind in the country.  The key ingredient in the formula was maintained: quality of care for all case complexities in clear aligners.  

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Quality and Convenience

Some months after solidifying the quality and convenience quotients of the virtual practice, Dr. John ran into a Dentist friend of his that had a clinic 150 miles away, and before long, they found themselves in a deep conversation about “assisted Orthodontics”.  His Dentist friend noted that he had a community of patients that would benefit from expanded Orthodontic treatment optionality, and most importantly, the idea of having a “back pocket Orthodontist” to support with his patients securitized the idea: this can be done and the patients will benefit.  

Over a year after their conversation, Dr. John has provided his friend beginning to end support for all ranges of Orthodontic cases, including diagnostics, treatment planning, remote monitoring/staff guidance, refinements, retention and all materials required (aligners, scan boxes, retainers).  The Dentist has created a new treatment option in his community while giving his patients smiles for a lifetime. 

On Demand Orthodontist has been created with the mission of supporting Orthodontists & Dentists like we have with other dental professionals so that you may confidently and profitably treat most patients that walk into your office. 


Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a serious health concern that requires immediate attention and innovative approaches. This condition, marked by repeated partial or total blockages of the upper airway during sleep, has significant consequences for both individuals and the broader community. We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Vivos Therapeutics, a frontrunner in addressing OSA. 

As we continue to uncover the relationship between dental adjustments and breathing-related issues, the overlap between orthodontics and airway health becomes more evident each year. This isn’t just a two-dimensional overlap; it’s three-dimensional, emphasizing the depth and complexity of the issue. Addressing breathing challenges necessitates a multidisciplinary approach, involving ENT specialists, myofunctional/speech therapists, dentists, and orthodontists. At ODO, our core mission remains: fostering patient-focused collaboration among clinicians to achieve the highest standard of care. We’re eager to forge meaningful partnerships that empower doctors in this mission.

Dr. John Warford




“Dr. John” earned his undergraduate and dental degrees from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and completed his residency in Orthodontics at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.  After being in private practice for almost 20 years, he changed his focus to ODO full time in 2023. He boasts an archive of informative lectures, which you can review here.

Dr. John loves spending time with his wife and 4 kids out on the farm, and has a deep passion for cooking. 




Dr. Alyssa Carter is one of most recognizable names in the Orthodontic community as she educates clinicians on optimal practice management, patient monitoring, fee management/collections and patient education.  She graduated as an Orthodontic specialist from the University of Florida, and attended Baylor College of Dentistry for her DDS.

However, when she isn’t chairside in her private practice, you are likely to catch her at an Oklahoma State football tailgate supporting her Cowboys!  Dr. Alyssa is a member of the AAO, Southwest Society of Orthodontists, ADA, Orthoprenuers RD group, and is a KOL for Ormco Orthodontics and Dental Monitoring. 




A New Jersey native, Dr. Mike DePascale received his orthodontic master’s degree at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. In 2017, he joined the amazing team at Kozlowski Orthodontics – a practice which matched his dedication to high quality treatment, innovation, efficiency, and education. Dr. Mike is one of the founding members of SPARK and loves to discuss the potential of this clear aligner system. When he heard about ODO, he recognized that it was another way to make a positive change in countless lives and couldn’t wait to be involved. 

When he’s not in the office, you can find him in his garage gym or coaching CrossFit at a local gym where he puts to use his passion for personal growth, leadership, and commitment to others (you may see him there throwing weights around, too!). He believes in doing what you love and sharing that with the world.



JUDD Johns

Judd has been involved in the Orthodontic community for over 13 years at Envista, including as Director of Product Management at Ormco Orthodontics where he launched several products, including Damon Clear 2 and Damon Ultima.  Most recently, he’s been leading Global Education for Spark Aligners where he was the showrunner for the 2021 virtual Ormco Forum and has had the privilege to work with Orthodontic thought leaders and best in class clinicians.     

Judd Johns ODO Founder




Dr. Albertelli received his dental degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in 1999. He has been helping patients achieve their ideal smile through orthodontics for over 20 years.

Dr. Rob has been involved in clear aligner treatment for over 20 years and has used Spark exclusively since its inception.  He was born in Las Vegas, NV, was raised in Southern California, but has always felt most at home in Utah. He has five children, ages 14-23, who keep him busy, but when time permits, he can be found somewhere in the Utah mountains skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing or participating in any one of a number of other outdoor pursuits. Dr. Rob loves all sports, especially baseball and soccer, and will always happily play, watch or talk about any sport you can think of.



ODO // Virtual Smile Transformation Artist

Angie McCloud

Angie graduated from NDSCS for Dental Assisting, and during her internship at Warford Orthodontics is where her love for Orthodontics and caring for patients began.  She has over 19 years of orthodontic training and experience and has been a Virtual Smile Transformation Artist for 2 years.  Angie enjoys spending time with her husband and two young boys playing all sports and enjoying the outdoors.


ODO // Operations manager


Troy has 34 years of direct patient care and medical team coordination for patients with special needs. He has significant experience with orthotic and prosthetic design, specialty drive system design for powered wheelchairs and molding composites and plastics and has carried this experience over to ODO as a systems architect.

Troy also has a special talent as designer and fabricator for giant scale remote controlled aircraft including airplane and helicopters – he is a professional pilot of those aircraft.


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