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//  WHY ODO?  


We (Dr. John Warford & I) founded ODO to solve a problem that persists in both Orthodontic and General Dental communities – attracting and retaining a quality Orthodontic associate.  Many Orthodontists have worked as an associate in either a Dental or Orthodontic practice before continuing to open their private practice (many still do), so this isn’t a novel concept, but with the advent of remote monitoring and top-class aligner case design, much of the work in 2022 can be done in front of the computer by a qualified clinician.  The on-site clinical requirements can be reduced to approval of a recommended treatment plan, bonding attachments, doing IPR, and removing attachments, while the case setup/staging, suggested scheduling and monitoring/clinical counter-measuring can be done remotely.  


Judd Johns - CEO On Demand Orthodontist (ODO)
Dr. John Warford

There are many Orthodontic associates hired directly out of residency that are asked to focus on aligner case design in the private practice, and these associates require a fair per diem, salary, and equity to continue to support the practice owner.  The only difference between these associates and ODO is our fees are per case for the work done and the partner clinician is the doctor of record for the patient.  Our clients may independently transact for their aligners or go through ODO in the concierge model, and there is optionality for an Orthodontist or Dentist to just utilize ODO for case design support (sans monitoring), but for an optimal patient experience, we suggest the patient is monitored. 


Dr. John Warford transitioned from Invisalign to Spark 18 months ago as a clinical decision based on a 50-case trial process which was validated by materially more “Go” than “No Go” scans with Dental Monitoring during treatment.  He is currently a KOL for Spark and Dental Monitoring, as is Dr. Alyssa Carter, a member of our Orthodontist team.  Our decision to utilize these products in our concierge service is based on clinical outcomes and patient feedback.

ODO’s clinical focus is in supporting the partner clinician to efficiently deliver a functional, class I finish with smile aesthetics to their patients.  We also believe that a robust partnership between the Specialist and General Dentist is important in Orthodontia, whether it be through ODO or organically in a local community between two like minded clinicians.  As the patient is the north star for all Dental Practitioners, collaboration is a pathway to maximizing clinical excellence.  




Judd Johns

President: ODO