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Accessible Orthodontics: A Smile Near You

The average American spends eight hours and 22 minutes per week in their car. That totals up to 18 days over the course of the entire year. We drive to work, to school, to run errands, and to get to appointments. We drive to pick up food, go out with friends, and have dates. But what about accessible orthodontics?

Most of us are in the car just long enough to not feel like it’s interfering with the rest of our lives, but what happens when your car time starts to ramp up?

Traditionally, for those who need orthodontic procedures, there can be a lot of extra car time. Patients may even spend more time driving to and from an appointment than seeing the dentist or orthodontist. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Patients don’t have to sacrifice time with family and friends, to the car, just to have properly aligned teeth. 

Getting teeth fixed the old way

Orthodontic treatments can last anywhere from a few months to several years, but the average length of time is closer to a year. Consultations always start with a series of x-rays and photographs to establish a baseline for treatment, but then it’s a rigorous in-and-out of the office to complete treatment.

When it comes to using aligners, most patients end up at the orthodontist’s office every 6-12 weeks throughout their treatment plan. If it takes a year-and-a-half to complete treatment, that’s 6-13 visits on top of three regular cleanings and dental check-ups. And, while many find a dentist that’s close to home, there’s not always a lot of options when it comes to orthodontists. They may end up traveling quite a distance for each of these appointments.

Do all your patients have the time for that?

They don’t really have a choice, since it’s imperative to follow all instructions given for treatment in order for it to be a success. That means getting to appointments as well. As a result, driving distance could present a very real barrier to accessible orthodontics.

What treatment can look like now

When patients in small towns are traveling hundreds of miles to get orthodontic treatment, the chances they’ll complete their treatment time as prognosticated in the initial consult is dramatically reduced. Who has a whole day just to spend 15-20 minutes getting their teeth looked at?

There’s another option though that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of orthodontic care, yet allows patients to significantly cut back on their trips into the office. What’s even better, this is a process dentists can manage with their patients.

With patients coming into the office for fewer than four office visits per treatment plan (most indications), the team at On Demand Orthodontist (ODO) can help you help your patients get the smile they’ve always wanted. Our end-to-end aligner treatment guidance, and materials, makes it possible for you to work with your patients remotely, monitoring their progress as often as once a week without having to see them in office unless absolutely necessary. 

Giving patients back more time with their new smile

Seeing the results of the ODO process, and hearing from real patients, it’s shocking how much time you could save someone from sitting in their car. 

For Delane, who only had to do two in-person visits during her treatment with ODO expert, Dr. John Warford, this process saved her multiple 100+-mile trips to the office.

For Code, another patient of Dr. Warford, it was over a 150 mile commute each way to come in for a visit. Without the virtual appointments and at-home tools, it would have been almost impossible to complete the treatment plan.

If distance is a real barrier for patients in getting the accessible orthodontics they need, ODO is the solution. Contact us today to learn more.

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